François Pragnère           

Self portraits

Dustina, Raya, Simone
& Claude-Emmanuelle




I have always been obsessed by the other gaze, by their way of apprehending what faces them.

As a cisgender individual,
evolving in a society where sex conditions are to either evolve as a woman or a man,
i can easily go unnoticed and avoid any form of judgment.

My encounter with several transgender women made me question my own identity and my relationship to the other.
Raya, Dustina, Simone, Claude-Emannuelle,
each one shows a courage and a determination that immediatly fascinated me.

In my self portrait series i granted myself very brief moments of total and enjoyable freedom
where i allowed myself to surpass my own forbidden boundaries.

These are intense moments which causes in me a feeling of fear associated with
a high dose of adrenaline at the same time.

Each self portrait series corresponds to a particular moment of my relationship
with an extraordinary genderless individual who made me discover my true identity.
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